Antimicrobial sensitivity testing by disk diffusion is offered as an add-on test to pathogen screening and identification. Testing methods and interpretations conform to the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) standards. Antimicrobial sensitivity testing cannot be performed for all aquatic pathogens. Please contact laboratory for more details.

Pure aerobic, fast-growing bacterial isolates can be submitted for testing with prior approval from the laboratory. Antimicrobial sensitivity testing for research or for non-clinical isolates should contact laboratory to discuss testing options and associated fees. Transfer forms must be completed prior to the submission of pure bacterial isolates. Please contact laboratory ( to arrange for submission.

Test Code: KB

Test Days:M-Sat
Turn Around Time (Days):3-5 days

Add-on sensitivities for pathogen screening.
Pure bacterial isolates.


Bacterial culture on a swab, agar plate or slant

Handling/ Storage:


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