Routine aquatic bacterial pathogen culture and identification from submitted swabs (of pure bacterial isolates or of tissues/lesions) and culture plates. Bacterial isolates are identified using a combination of techniques, including MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, Gram staining, acid fast staining, and other biochemical tests. For bacterial isolates that cannot be identified using these methods, identification using gene sequencing can be performed for an additional fee (read more here).

For submitted culture plates or swabs of pure cultures, one subculture is included.   Fees are per sample, and a sample is defined by fish or organ, not the number of culture plates received.

Antimicrobial sensitivity testing on clinically significant organisms is an additional fee (read more here).

Please contact the laboratory at least 48 h in advance if you plan to submit 10 or more samples for the Bacterial Pathogen Screen – Aquatics.

Test Codes:
BAS<10: 1-10 swabs
BAS>10: 11-60 swabs
BAS>60: 61+ swabs

BAP<10: 1-10 plates
BAP>10: 11-60 plates
BAP>60: 61+ plates


Test Days:M-Sat
Turn Around Time (Days):swabs/tissues/lesions: 3-14 days; culture plates: 3-7 days; swabs of pure isolates: 2-5 days. If requesting culture for Bacterial Kidney Disease, turnaround time will be at least 6 weeks.

Swab/tissue from affected site
Swab pure growth of bacterial isolate
Culture plates


Swab with transport media
Sterile leak-proof container for tissues
Histology cassette for gill explants (keep moist)
Culture plates sealed with parafilm or tape

Handling/ Storage:


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