Aerobic culture and anaerobic culture for up to two (2) blood culture systems submitted within the same 24 hour period. Testing includes bacterial aerobic and anaerobic culture, identification by MALDI-TOF, and one (1) antimicrobial sensitivity test (by broth microdilution/MIC testing) for clinically significant, aerobic, fast-growing organisms or beta-lactamase testing for anaerobic organisms. Antimicrobial sensitivity testing conforms to the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) standards. Blood culture systems will be incubated for a total of 7 days if no growth after 24 h incubation.

Please contact laboratory prior to submission to discuss sample collection techniques and shipment.


Test Code:     BCULT2

Test Days:M-Sat
Turn Around Time (Days):7 days

1- 10 mL of whole blood


Commercially available blood culture systems. Contact lab for more information.
DO NOT submit whole blood, serum, or plasma in vacutainers for testing.

Handling/ Storage:

DO NOT refrigerate

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