Serological testing for Brucella canis is the routine screening test.

For non-regulatory purposes (e.g., pre-breeding screens, clinical animals), B. canis serology will be performed using the Canine Brucella Multiplex Assay that uses a Luminex bead-based platform to detect antibodies directed against two Brucella-specific proteins. All samples with non-negative results on the Canine Brucella Multiplex Assay will undergo confirmatory testing with the Canine Brucella slide agglutination/agar gel immunodiffusion (AGID) II tests at no additional charge.

For regulatory purposes (e.g., import/export or travel), detection of B. canis antibody is performed by slide agglutination and AGID II tests- these tests cannot be run separately. Consult applicable regulatory guidelines or contact the laboratory for additional assistance in choosing the proper test to meet your specific requirements.

For chronic infections, serology is not a useful tool to monitor therapeutic response. When infection with B. canis is suspected or likely, including cases of dogs with diskospondylitis, please contact laboratory to discuss testing options.


Test Code:     C.BRUC (Canine Brucella Multiplex Assay)
Test Code:     C.BRUC2 (slide agglutination/AGID II)

Test Days:M-W
Turn Around Time (Days):4-7 days

2 mL serum


Red-top vacutainer

Handling/ Storage:


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