Escherichia coli toxin typing is used to detect toxigenic strains (e.g., ETEC, STEC). Testing can be added on to any submission for an additional charge. For species other than those listed below, please contact laboratory to discuss testing options.


Pure isolates can also be submitted for testing at the reference laboratory. Transfer forms must be completed prior to the submission of pure bacterial isolates. Please contact laboratory ( to arrange for submission.


Test code: GCECC (calves)
Test code: 
GCECP (pigs – enteric)
Test code: 
GCECPS (pigs – systemic)
Test code: GCECPT (pigs – enteric + systemic)

Test Days:M-W
Turn Around Time (Days):7-14 days

Bacterial isolates recovered from a diagnostic case submission
Pure bacterial isolates


Agar plates (sealed with parafilm or tape)
Agar slants
Swabs with transport medium (of pure bacterial growth)

Handling/ Storage:


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