Cytology refers to the study of cells obtained from bodily fluids, solid tissues and bone marrow. It is a cost effective and non-invasive diagnostic modality used to confirm a clinical suspicion, establish or rule out a diagnosis, monitor and guide therapy, and help obtain a prognosis.

General Information

  • Samples should arrive at the laboratory before 3:30 pm to allow sufficient time for processing. Results from samples submitted after 3:30 pm will usually be available the next day, but occasionally may be reported the same day.
  • Slides should be labelled with owner and animal names and sample site as near to the end of the slides as possible. Frosted end slides are preferred and are easily labelled with pencil.
  • Slides should be submitted in a protective package (plastic slide holders work best). Cardboard slide holders should be mailed in small boxes rather than envelopes.
  • Do not include slides in the refrigerated portion of containers or in containers containing formalin-fixed tissues. Samples should not be frozen. Pack and send specimens so that breakage or temperature extremes are unlikely during a typical 48-72 hour transit.

For more information about available tests and submission requirements, please contact us at 902-566-0859 or visit the Available Tests section of this website.

Submission Form  (PDF)
Cytology Submission Guidelines (PDF)