Hematology involves the study of diseases of the blood and bone marrow, with the most common assessment being a complete blood count using an anti-coagulated whole blood sample.

Samples in lavender-topped (EDTA) tubes for CBC (complete blood count) should be forwarded to the laboratory as soon as possible. Samples that are two days old or more when received by the Diagnostic Services laboratories could be inaccurate. Always include air-dried, unfixed, non-refrigerated smears made at the time of sampling. Meaningful smears cannot be made from shipped EDTA blood. Submission of a complete clinical history including physical examination findings, current medication, and time and date of obtaining the sample from the patient is recommended.

For more information about available tests and submission requirements, please contact the laboratory at 902-566-0859 or visit the Available Tests section of this website. 

Sample Arrival Time
Samples should arrive at the laboratory before 3:30 pm to ensure that all requested tests can be completed that day. For samples that arrive after 3:30 pm some tests may be done that day but some will not be completed until the following day.

Emergency or “STAT” Requests
All requests for “STAT” service should be addressed to the laboratory. Consideration should be given to which individual tests are required “STAT” and which tests can be done at the standard work schedule.