The post-mortem laboratory offers biopsy services, necropsy services and immunohistochemistry. Housed within Diagnostic Services is the Atlantic Regional node of the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre (CCWHC). The Atlantic CCWHC focuses on wildlife disease surveillance and, as such, provides necropsy services for free-ranging animals. The laboratory’s primary goal is to provide accurate results in a timely manner. Telephone consultation with a pathologist prior to submission may be useful in many instances and is encouraged if a case is complex.

Please call the laboratory and ask to speak with one of our pathologists if you have questions concerning specimen selection or preservation, or should you wish to discuss test results:

  • Domestic animals: (902) 566-0864
  • Wildlife: (902) 628-4314,
  • Aquatic: (902) 566-0864


Biopsy Services

Necropsy Services