If you require an analytical laboratory that can provide accurate, reliable results in a prompt and friendly manner, you can depend on the Toxicology and Analytical Services (TAS) Laboratory. Located within the Atlantic Veterinary College on the University of Prince Edward Island campus in beautiful Charlottetown, PEI, the TAS Laboratory provides a wide range of fee-for-service diagnostic testing.

State-of-the-art analytical instrumentation combined with knowledgeable and experienced staff members permit the extraction and analysis of an extensive variety of compounds from simple and complex matrices. In addition to routine testing, the TAS Laboratory will work with clients to develop and validate customized analytical methods.

Quality results, timely answers and personalized service are the foundation of the Toxicology and Analytical Services Laboratory.


The Toxicology and Analytical Services Laboratory is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory that works closely with veterinarians, researchers, industrial clients and government agencies including the harness racing and aquaculture industries for many different reasons such as the cause of illness and/or death in a wide variety of animal species or whether products are suitable for human consumption.  Detecting or abnormal mineral levels in tissues and serum, vitamin deficiencies and the presence of antibiotics or toxic agents such as lead and pesticides are among the tests conducted.

Analytical Services
The Toxicology and Analytical Services Laboratory performs a wide variety of tests to determine residual amounts of pesticides, antibiotics and metals in numerous matrices.  Extensive sample extraction and cleanup, along with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, allow extremely low limits of quantification to be met. In addition to trace-level analysis, the laboratory is also equipped to measure higher analyte concentrations in quality control samples.

Method Development
Can’t find the test you require? Please contact us if the test or sample matrix you are looking for is not listed. If currently unable to do the analysis, the Toxicology and Analytical Services Laboratory can develop a customized method to suit your needs or, alternatively, will coordinate with external laboratories to obtain the results you desire.

Staff members have extensive experience in this area and will work closely with customers to ensure that new methods meet and exceed all requirements and expectations.