Urinalysis is the evaluation of urine utilizing manual and occasionally automated methods to evaluate the physical properties of urine. These results can then be used to help with disease diagnosis and guide therapeutic decisions.

From both a chemical and cytological standpoint, marked changes can occur in urine samples with standing and shipping. For the best possible results, urine samples should be examined immediately after collection.

For more information about available tests and submission requirements, please contact the laboratory at 902-566-0860 or visit the Available Tests section of this website.

If shipping urine samples for analysis, it is important to:

  • Collect fresh urine (5 – 10 ml) in a sterile leak-proof container.
  • State method of collection – catheterization, cystocentesis or freeflow.
  • Urine samples should be prepared for cytologic evaluation by splitting the sample into a red-topped tube and a conical tube. Store the red-topped tube in the refrigerator. Centrifuge the remaining urine in a conical tube. Dispose of the supernatant and prepare smears from the sediment. Allow the smears to air-dry and maintain them at room temperature. Submit both the intact urine and the air-dried, unstained smears for cytologic evaluation.
  • If bacterial culture is required, submit a urine swab also.

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