Lawsonia intracellularis in horses can be detected by serologic or molecular detection methods. These tests can be run separately or together.


The ELISA for Lawsonia intracelluris is a 2nd generation assay in an ELISA format. It detects serum antibodies against L. intracelluris which with concurrent hypoalbuminemia or hypoproteinemia supports a diagnosis of equine proliferative enteropathy (EPE). A serum albumin test is also available from EDS.


The real-time PCR for Lawsonia intracellularis is performed on feces.


Test code: LAWSEQ (serology)
Test code: LAWPEQ (PCR)
Test code: LAWP (serology + PCR)

Test Days:M-Th
Turn Around Time (Days):5-15 days

PCR: 5-10 g feces OR 1 fecal swab
Serology: 2 mL serum


Red-top vacutainer
Leak-proof specimen container for feces

Handling/ Storage:


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