Aerobic bacterial culture of bovine milk with clinical or sub-clinical mastitis. This test is for individual or composite quarter samples; bulk tank milk samples cannot be analyzed using this procedure. This test follows the National Mastitis Council guidelines for culture and only significant bovine mastitis pathogens will be reported. Bacterial isolates are identified using MALDI-TOF technology. Antimicrobial sensitivity testing, when indicated, is not included; additional charges will apply. For more information milk collection techniques, please review the guidelines in the Reference Guide.

Please notify laboratory at least 24 h in advance before submitting herd/farm-level screening (i.e., submitting greater than 15 samples at one time).

Test Days:M-Sat
Turn Around Time (Days):2-5 days

Milk (see method of collection in Bacteriology section of Reference Manual)
Swabs are NOT appropriate for mastitis culture


Sterile, leak-proof container (screw cap preferred)
Do NOT submit in rectal sleeves or non-sterile containers.

Handling/ Storage:


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