PCR panel for Microsporum canis, Microsporum spp. and Trichophyton spp.

When requested, fungal culture will be performed on selective dermatophyte media. Two individual samples must be submitted, one each for PCR and fungal culture. A fungal culture will be performed regardless of the results of the PCR panel.


Test code: RWPCR (PCR only)
Test code: RWPCR+ (PCR with culture)

Test Days:M-W
Turn Around Time (Days):5-7 days for PCR only / 14-16 days for PCR with culture

Two individual samples required, one each for PCR and one each for fungal culture (if requested.)
Plucked hair with follicles (minimum 10-20 visible hairs)
Skin scrapings from the active border of lesion
Nails with nail bed scrapings
Aspirated purulent material
If no distinct lesions are present, pluck hairs from site of prior lesions (if known; preferred) and/or submit hair from a thorough coat brushing using two toothbrushes in a sterile container.


Leak-proof sterile container

Handling/ Storage:


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