Selective enrichment and culture for motile Salmonella species, mainly intended for enhanced recovery from fecal or intestinal samples. This test cannot be used to detect Pullorum Disease (S. Pullorum) or Fowl Typhoid (S. Gallinarum). All isolated Salmonella will be sent to the WOAH Reference Lab for Salmonellosis to be serotyped at no additional charge.

Antimicrobial sensitivity testing of isolated Salmonella species is an additional charge.

Test Code:     BACSAM

Test Days:M-Sat
Turn Around Time (Days):4-6 days (serotyping results can take up to 1-2 months)

Intestinal content
Fecal swab
Rectal swab


Sterile, screw cap container
Swabs in transport medium

Handling/ Storage:


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